Booking Process

Do I need travel insurance?2023-07-18T09:12:58+00:00

Although not a travel requirement, we strongly recommended that you get travel insurance for your trip. Travel insurance protects you in case of unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, or travel delays. It can help cover the costs of medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, or any unforseen expenses that may arise during your trip.

Do I need a Visa to enter the Philippines?2023-07-18T09:12:06+00:00

You will receive a free-of-charge 30-day tourist Visa upon arrival.

What does “on-the-ground-support” mean?2023-07-18T09:11:23+00:00

Even though we may not be physically with you at your destination, we provide a local Philippines number that you can reach us on 24/7. Whether it’s a missed flight, a lost passport, or you just want some local restaurant recommendations, we’re here to help. Our team has plenty of local knowledge and cultural insight, and we can assist you remotely with any issues that might come up.

What do you mean by “a single point of contact”?2023-07-18T09:10:19+00:00

At Aplaya, we believe that every traveler deserves personalized attention and care. That’s why we offer a “single point of contact” service, where you’ll have a dedicated travel consultant from the start of your trip to end. She will answer any questions you have, book your trip, and be just a phone call away during your trip. This service is particularly helpful for multi-destination trips.

Do you book my flights as well?2023-07-18T09:09:21+00:00

Unfortunately we do not book any flights. But we typically refer our guests to our long-time partner Kirschner Asia, who is a travel concierge.

How long does it take to plan and book my trip?2023-07-18T09:07:26+00:00

Once we receive your email, the Aplaya team will get to work. If you have set dates already, we will get in touch with our partners and already block several options regarding your stay. Expect an email back from us in the next 24 hours.

Payment Options

Do you charge booking fees?2023-07-18T09:16:51+00:00

There are no fees for regular bookings. We do offer a paid service in which Marc, the founder of Aplaya, joins you on your trip – as your private guide and/or dive instructor. We recommend this for guests who can benefit from a travel guide who speaks fluent English, Luxembourgish, German and French. Marc is also fluent in the local dialect Cebuano.

What are my payment options?2023-07-18T09:15:55+00:00

You can make payments through bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

When do I need to pay in full?2023-07-18T09:14:32+00:00

The remaining balance is due 6 weeks before your arrival date.

Do I need to make a deposit for my booking?2023-07-18T09:13:53+00:00

Yes a 20% deposit is needed to confirm your reservation.

Scuba Diving

Do I need dive insurance?2023-07-24T09:07:17+00:00

A dive insurance is not mandatory, but we highly recommend one.

Do I need a medical certificate to go diving?2023-07-18T09:21:53+00:00

A medical certificate or a clearance for diving is recommended but not mandatory. In case you have any concerns, we strongly advise you to get a doctor’s clean bill of health before departure.

Are children allowed to dive?2023-07-18T09:19:27+00:00

Children can try scuba diving from the age of 8. At the age of 10, they can start their first Open Water Diving course.

My English is pretty basic. Is it possible to do the course in my language?2023-07-18T09:18:22+00:00

No worries. The dive theory nowadays is done mostly online and available in many languages. For your open water sessions, we’ll do our best to find an instructor who speaks your language.


What are the cancellation terms?2023-07-24T08:25:32+00:00
  • Cancellations up to 60 days before the trip – full refund minus bank charges
  • 59-31 days before the trip – a 20% cancellation fee will be charged
  • 30-15 days before the trip – a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged
  • 14 or less before the journey – no refund
  • All cancellation requests to be written per email
Can you book me a room before and after the safari?2023-07-24T08:20:15+00:00

Yes, and we highly recommend you to arrive at least one day before the safari starts. If you have not been diving for some time, we suggest that you consider even 2-3 days to settle in, go on 3-4 dives to get confident again and to make sure your equipment is all working fine. Also on the evening when the safari ends, it is always nice to have a room waiting for you, where you can have that nice shower and then relax at the resort bar or restaurant.

How many guides will join the safari?2023-07-24T08:17:33+00:00

There will be a local DM and an international instructor as safari leader joining the trip.

Is night diving possible during the safari?2023-07-24T08:16:49+00:00

Yes, night diving – if weather permits – is possible at most destinations.

Are Nitrox and 15 liter tanks available?2023-07-24T08:16:00+00:00

Nitrox and 15 liter tanks are NOT available during the safaris.

What equipment do I need to bring to join a safari?2023-07-24T08:15:22+00:00
  • SMB (Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Individual dive computer
  • Underwater torch if you plan to go night diving

It is possible to rent those from the dive centers. Please make sure you let us know ahead of time.

What is the maximum number of divers on one safari?2023-07-24T08:14:26+00:00

We limit the number of safari guests to 10-12 divers. We might be a bit flexible for entire groups.

What is not included?2023-07-24T08:09:34+00:00
  • Rental equipment (PHP 750/day)
  • Marine park fee (approx. PHP 5,000 per trip)
  • Alcoholic beverages on board of the boat
  • Any additional food and beverages outside the included meals
  • Dinner on the last safari day


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