Be a Safe Diver

We naturally want you to have a great dive holiday experience and to be safe. However, you have ultimate responsibility to keep yourself safe. To this end, here are a few general guidelines to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • Choose a holiday for you. Check the destination is relevant to your experience level. Check if any training is needed beforehand or to be gained when you have arrived. We can help advise you on what training and courses are required to keep you up to date or should you want further education.
  • Always dive within your limitations – mental, physical, training & experience.
  • Be familiar with the dive centre and procedures. A good dive centre should provide you with an orientation of the dive centre and its safety and emergency procedures. They should also include information about the location and dive conditions. If the conditions are more difficult than that which you are experienced in, it is advisable to postpone diving or select an alternate site with improved conditions. You should engage only in diving activities consistent with your training, experience & fitness level.
  • Use complete, well-maintained, reliable equipment. It is your responsibility to regularly maintain your own equipment as required. If renting equipment, make sure you are happy the equipment is properly fit for purpose. Refuse use of any rental equipment if defective. For less experienced divers, it is advisable to complete an equipment check with your buddy.
  • Listen carefully to dive briefings and directions and respect the advice provided by those supervising or guiding you during the dive.
  • Adhere to the buddy-system throughout every dive. Plan dives and go over all communications, procedures for reuniting in case of separation, and emergency procedures – with your buddy and your dive guide.
  • Maintain proper buoyancy. We should all strive to maintain perfect buoyancy control; the more control we have, the less chance there is of damaging the environment and ourselves. Dives will last longer and will be more fun!
  • We strongly advise you to have your own dive computer and to not share one with your buddy. All dive centres require each diver to have their own dive computer. If you do not have one, the resort may be able to rent one out to you for an extra cost. Be proficient in dive table usage or use of your dive computer. Make and allow for a margin of safety.
  • Maintain good mental and physical fitness for diving. Avoid being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when diving. Stay hydrated.